La E. Bergamaschi & figlio S.p.A was founded in 1919 by Enrico Bergamaschi, ancestor of the current president of the same name. Enrico, a 19th century man with strong entrepreneurial skills, he was an executive at Stigler, a company that still today produces lifts and freight elevators, and he decided to set up on his own producing coils and magnets for the industry. The first headquarters of the Bergamaschi company is located in via Pisacane 32, a few steps from the historic center of the lively e active city of Milan just after the Great War, and it will remain there until the bombings of the Second World War.
In 1927, by the hand of Bruno - son of Enrico - class 1902, the historic company is joined by a shop in via Melzo where spare parts are also sold for motorcycles.

L’attuale presidente, Enrico, timbra il primo cartellino in azienda nel 1952, diciottenne, nella fervida atmosfera della ricostruzione del secondo dopoguerra. La produzione viene spostata in via Comasina, Enrico dovrebbe occuparsi di disegno tecnico ma sente che il ruolo non gli appartiene davvero mentre dimostra passione e capacità per la funzione commerciale, a contatto con fornitori e clienti.
Enrico è inoltre un vero appassionato di moto e questo lo porta a sperimentarsi anche come pilota, in sella a una Parilla 175 Competizione e con il benestare di Giovanni Parilla in persona, che lo aveva visto in azione sul circuito di proprietà della casa motociclistica milanese.

In the 60s, with the first Italian economic boom, Enrico abandoned racing and devoted himself completely to the company family's. The shop in via Melzo is replaced by a larger one in piazza 8 Novembre, where the foundations for the company in its current form: it was in these years that Bergamaschi signed two very important agreements commercial: the national distribution of the CEV catalog – Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche Venegonesi, the industry created by the Pagani brothers is one of the largest spare parts manufacturers in Europe – and the agreement that anticipates the epochal change in the world of motorcycles in Italy, the exclusive marketing of Japanese NGK spark plugs which, little known in Italy up to that moment, will become of daily use following the ascending parable of motion of the rising sun.

Between the end of the 1960s and the mid-1970s, the arrival from Asia of the first equivalent, identical or almost to those produced in Europe but much cheaper, makes Bergamaschi take the decision to close definitively the productive part of the company – the competition on that front was clearly unequal – and of concentrate all efforts on the commercial activity: from now on the Bergamaschi e Figlio Company will deal only of distribution.
Attention to innovations, concentration on the world of motorcycles and serious and constant work allow the Bergamaschi company to overcome the 70s and the crises that characterized them, to establish itself in the 80s of the second economic boom and of the "Milan to drink" up to history recent.
In 1994 Bruno, Enrico's son, joined the company, who will cover various functions in the company up to holding the current position of Chief Executive Officer.

The new millennium sees the introduction of a managerial logic in the management and the appointment to managerial roles of collaborators who are no longer related to the founder's family alone. However, the principles on which the company is based have not changed – attention to changes, novelties, concentration on the core business and serious and constant work – which allow you to offer customers an increasingly wide range of quality products and an accurate, complete level of service It is customized. With this philosophy, the company is rapidly approaching the centenary celebrations of the foundation.

In 2021, thanks to a share acquisition operation, EB Holding (owned by the Bergamaschi family) controls 85% of the company, preparing it for a bright future.

In 2023, Bergamaschi and Magneti Marelli Parts & Services join forces for the first time, combining talent, passion, and expertise to create a partnership that will benefit the entire world of motorcycle repair and maintenance.
The collaboration agreement entails the distribution and development of top-quality spare parts and components, including electrical products, body parts, and engine components, along with lines dedicated to the routine maintenance of motorcycles and scooters.